At Electronic Edge Vintage Keys we can repair or restore your classic electric piano or keyboard, specializing in Rhodes pianos, Fender Rhodes and Hohner Clavinets.
Tuning and/or regulation is part of most repair and restoration jobs. Call or email for complete details of what improvements and tasks may be necessary.
We can customize your vintage electric keyboard by recovering it with your choice of new Tolex, for Fender Rhodes or Clavinets.
If a custom job is not what you are looking for we can restore the luster to the current covering or finish or restore it as close to the original finish and coverings as possible.
If you are on a budget and can’t afford a complete rebuild we can perform just the most necessary tasks to get a good sound. Or we can concentrate solely on the sound and mechanics and not make any cosmetic improvements.
Services are performed in our shop in Ohio.
We sell parts and cables and items to enhance keyboards such as preamps. Please contact us for preamp options.


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We do buy, restore and sell vintage keyboards too though our focus is providing services for our customer’s pianos.
If you are wanting to sell your piano we may want to buy it regardless of condition, or even if you just have parts. Also, we may have a buyer for you.
We have customers who are looking for all models of Fender Rhodes and the Hohner Clavinet D6 and other Clavinet models.
If we don't have the model you want to buy we may be able locate it, and have it sent to us for repairs or restoration*. We can help make all the arrangements. This may include fees of course.
If that classic electric keyboard sound is what you want, and a great new look too, please contact Electronic Edge Vintage Keys.
Great care goes into every vintage keyboard we repair or restore. Services are provided by a professional piano technician (and player) and an electrical engineer.
We are based in Yellow Springs, Ohio, and serve the Midwest or customers in driving proximity. Though we have served customer's worldwide in the past, we now have constraints on shipping.*
*Read the fine print on purchases and services.