Peter Hayes in the Electronic Edge shop.
Peter Hayes is our expert technician and has been a piano tech since 1978. He has played the piano since age 5.
Not pictured is our Amp Wizard, Mr. T., or owner and webmaster Mary Sue Campbell. You may contact
Mary Sue at
Below and right is Peter at work in the vintage key shop, at play at a couple of gigs, and with some distinquished players.
Listen to live recordings of a few of Peter’s original compositions, Tishing3 and Another Beautiful Day in Paradise (©Peter Hayes 2007) with Peter on keys.
(Bot Bot © Peter Hayes 2007)

Making like Carol Merrill...

Peter examining an old Fender Rhodes Silver-Top Bass.


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Peter and Orlando 'Buscrates' Marshall in March 2019, after completion of repairs to his Clavinet D6.

Bubba Boudreaux, captioned this photo "bliss", when trying out this custom Rhodes 54 in studio.

Davis Rogan in New Orleans.

Left to right: Ricky Nye, Ari Borger and Peter Hayes.
Ricky and Ari are boogie woogie players (and customers) and were in the area for the 2013 Cincy Blues Fest. Both were featured on the Boogie Woogie Piano Stage there.

Recently in the shop, the Clavinet, not Bootsy himself.

With former band Magnolia Bolthead. From left Peter Hayes, Steve Langemo, Jake Garnett, Adam Wheeler. 4/5/07.

With Nerak Roth Patterson, being introduced by Dave Chappelle at the 2006 AACW Blues Fest. Note the purple Fender Rhodes.

At a fund raiser for the 2003 AACW Blues Fest, from left, Nerak Roth Patterson, Guy Davis, Eddie Brookshire, Peter Hayes.

Peter meets Brian Auger during a Dayton, Ohio gig.